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Dog Toys

Dogs love to play. Of course, you might not always have the time or energy to play with them as much as they would like. This is where having a supply of dog toys comes in handy. The dog can play with his/her toy and you can get some rest! Of course, with the wide variety of toys out there, how do you choose which toys are best for your dog?

Here are toys that every dog should have:

An interactive toy. This is a toy that makes the dog interact—either with you or with other animals. The tug of war piece of rope is a great example of this. You hold one end and the dog plays with the other. They can also toss the rope around and play with it on their own if they like, but it is more fun for the dog if you get down and play with him.

A fetching toy. Really, anything could work for this, but most people prefer to toss balls. Make sure that the fetching toy is soft and can be easily bitten into without doing too much damage. Half of the fun of fetch for the dog is bringing the toy back to you! After a while, you can even toss the toy directly to the dog and have a game of catch.

A “personal” toy. Many dogs will have a toy that gives them some degree of comfort. This toy is usually a small stuffed animal (or something that resembles one). This is the toy that dogs can curl up with. Make sure that you inspect all of your dog’s toys before play time starts. Small parts or little bits of string or fluff can be dangerous when swallowed by a dog. The basic rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn’t let your two-year-old child play with it, then it isn’t safe for the dog.