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Dog Training Tips

Everybody wants to have a well trained dog. Unfortunately the training process is not always a smooth one. Depending on your dog’s personality and the method by which you train him (or her) training can sometimes take a very long time. Here is some dog training tips to help you speed up the process.

Match your training technique to your dog’s personality. Some dogs respond well to criticism and punishment while other dogs respond better to kindness and rewards. If you have been trying one technique and find that you aren’t getting anywhere, you should try changing your approach.

Never ever call your dog to you and then punish him or her. Even if you have discovered something that the dog should be punished for, if you call them to the site and then punish them, they will eventually associate punishment with the sound of you calling their name. This could keep them from coming to you if they get lost or if you are trying to help them accomplish something.

If your normally well behaved dog starts acting up, the dog might be trying to tell you that he (or she) is not feeling well or that they are hurt. Always rule out illness and injury before you punish a dog. Other times, the dog could be trying to get your attention. Make sure that there isn’t something else going on before delivering a punishment.

Rewards often increase a dog’s particular behaviour. This is why the reward method of training works so well. If the dog gets a ‘treat’ each time they react the proper way to a spoken command, they will learn to associate the treat with the sound of the word and will obey every time they hear the command because they want the treat!