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Exercise For Dogs

Exercise is an important part of your dogs happiness. All dogs need exercise to remain healthy and happy. Before you pick a dog to make part of your family you should research the breed you are interested in and know what type of dog your are getting and the exercise he will require for his size and breed. Do not buy a large dog if you live in an apartment, large dogs need a large space to be able to run and play and release energy to remain happy and healthy. When walking your dog, or taking him to the park, or just playing catch with him in the backyard, this is a time to interact with him and have fun with him, rewarding him when he does something good. It is a good time to teach him certain thing and apply discipline so that you always have control and he becomes a well behaved dog.

A dog with the appropriate exercise in his daily life will remain stronger and healthier and live longer. Exercise keeps his heart, lungs, muscles and bones healthy and strong. Exercise will also keep his chances of becoming sick and ill at a minimum. This is also one of the best times you will have to spend good, quality time with your dog. A dog loves to spend time with his owner and will absolutely love you for the time you give him. This is a fun thing for you and your dog and as much time as possible should be spent here. A dog who does not get the exercise and attention he needs will far more likely become bored and mischievous, this is where behavioral problems can start. Walking is one of the easiest things to do with him, this will introduce him to new sounds and sights in his environment and will satisfy his needs to explore, it is also beneficial to you as well. Some people like to take their dogs swimming, this is a great exercise and is a nice cool down on hot days for both you and him. Not all dogs like water, so you need to be aware of the breed you have and what types of exercise is appropriate and fits into your dogs personality. If you have the yard space, playing Frisbee and catch is also a great form of exercise, this gives your dog a workout for his heart, lungs and muscles and will help keep him fit and happy. Dogs love to spend time with their owners and no matter the form of exercise you choose, he will love you for it and will stay happier and healthier for longer. Have fun with him and enjoy the time you spend together.