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How to Trim Dog Claws?

Something that must people neglect to do but is important is to make sure they maintain there dog’s feet by keeping the dogs claws trimmed. The reason most people don’t cut their dogs claws enough is because of the hassle and burden it brings upon them. It’s no easy task for someone to cut dog claws and when your dog is moving and squirming around it becomes more of a chore than anything. Every dog should receive foot care at least monthly. When the dog’s nails are getting stuck in the carpet, I read it was a bad sign, and often suggested that long nails were present.

Most active dogs need to have their claws trimmed every six to eight weeks. I like having my dogs nails trimmed once a month and I find that once a month for an animal is sufficient. Avoid letting your dogs nails get to long because they could easily become affected if timed poorly or if the nails weren’t taken care of.

A solid tip to remember is start trimming your dog’s claws everyday and this way when he grows older he won’t mind it as much because he’s already used to it. Also remember not to take off to much nail when you’re cutting the dogs nails because not much needs taken off if you maintain a weekly trim.