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TLC And Happy Dogs

Of course one of the important things we need to give and show our dogs in tender, loving care. A dog with take all the love an owner can give him and love every minute that you show him that love. You are responsible for your dogs well being for approximately sixteen to seventeen years. Showing a dog that you love him and care for him will show in many ways by his reactions and behavior. You can show your love with how you handle him, and the time you spend with him. It will show with your voice tones and your physical gestures to him. Dogs need to be disciplined and this takes education and time and patience. Your dog will not understand why you are angry at him unless you catch him doing something at the time he is doing it. It is important to be assertive with your dog but also show him kindness and patience. Having a balance of all these things makes a dog happy and healthy.

To maintain and have a happy, healthy and well behaved dog takes some time and patience. I think patience is the key here, and if you find that you don’t have this or you have a behavioral problem with your dog that you just cannot handle or understand, then perhaps some training classes or behavioral classes would be the best pick for you and your dog. A dog needs time spent with them to be well behaved and happy, they need understanding and love, as well as assertiveness and discipline. If a dog misbehaves in some way then they have to be punished at the time they misbehave. A dog will not understand why you are mad at him if you wait till later to deal with his unwanted behavior. Caring for a dog is a lifetime of fun and challenges, as owners we are the only ones who can make sure that they have what they need to be healthy and happy. A combination of a well balanced diet, fresh water, regular visits to the vet, exercise, and time spent with his owner will give you a very happy healthy dog for many years. As a dog becomes older they are just like us, they may need a little more care and attention, but in a different way possibly. Make sure you are a responsible owner in caring for your dog, the rewards from having a dog is priceless, as they have certainly proven over the years to be mans best friend and will be for many more to come.